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The current way we work is chaotic
Consolidate all your apps into one place with Opus
The idea for Opus came to fruition amidst the chaos of modern life, where distractions abound and a multitude of SaaS tools clutter the workspace. With the rise of remote work and the trend of juggling multiple roles, we saw the need for an solution that streamlines these tools for optimal efficiency
100+ applications supported

100+ applications supported

Dive into versatile functionality

Your digital

Boost productivity with

Main work
Main work
100+ applications supported

Make your page as a task

Unified Inbox

Aggregates notifications from all connected applications

100+ applications supported

App hub

Easily add and integrate your favorite tools

100+ applications supported

Add or integrate any worldwide
app and explore it

Create your masterpiece with priority spaces,
integratednotifications, and app hub.


Tailored Profiles, Apps, Priorities

  • CheckSpace prioritisation
  • CheckUnified profiles for each space
  • CheckApp integrations
100+ applications supported

Integrated Inbox

Centralize apps notifications for streamlined management – all in your inbox

100+ applications supported

App Hub

Application store categorized for your convenience, with new SaaS solutions regularly added

100+ applications supported

Command Line

The new frontier of app management, enhancing user experience

100+ applications supported

Revolutionize work management with our new sets of experience. Seamlessly efficient, wonderfully user-friendly. We're dedicated to enhancing your productivity and comfort, every step of the way.

Easy to use

Simplifies complex tasks, intuitive interface, effortless navigation

One place, a lot opportunties

All opportunities, one centralized hub for ease and efficiency

Best user experience

Seamless, intuitive, and delightful interactions at every click

Manage 100+ apps with commands

100+ applications supported

Make a reminders with timings

100+ applications supported

Everything, for your work success

Refine your narratives into bite-optimized, succinct pieces.
Effortlessly peruse summaries, delve into details seamlessly.

100+ applications supported

Built for your keyboard

Effortlessly breeze through tasks with an arsenal of
lightning-fast keyboard shortcuts.
Truly, for everything.

Breathtakingly fast

Zoom through your
applications with lightning-
fast keyboard shortcuts for
absolutely everything.
Yes, everything!

100+ applications supported
100+ applications supported

One more thing.

Less distraction, more success.
Track your focus on specific spaces, increase your
productivity, get rid of everything unnecessary

Split your screen for better

Use two different solutions on one screen

100+ applications supported

Track timings in
your tasks

Set time limits for each task

100+ applications supported

Set up you focus time

Set up focus time using the most popular time management methodology

100+ applications supported

Experience something new

Join to wait list of Opus. And change they way of your work with best experience. Give your feedback and make our app better.

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